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Just to say how thrilled Jeanne and I are with the clock. Apart from moving 3 times from this house back to it, it has strong family connections and, at some point, I will write a short article for the benefit of future generations of B******s.

We wish you a wonderful trip to Australia and enjoy the pleasure of family and in particular a 2 year old.

Kind regards

Jeanne and Owen


Dear Mr Cowderoy

I have now got the chair back and I wanted to thank you very much for the restoration, which I am very happy with. Many thanks.

Best wishes

Stephen Roberts


Thank you so much for getting my grandfather clock back in working order – I missed it so much while it was away for repair.

I particularly would like to thank your cabinet maker/craftsman who made the lovely new handle for the winding key. It is so beautifully made and must have been very fiddly to do.
Please give him my special thanks.
Yours sincerely P.L.


Miss L

Dear David,

Just a quick note to say that clock has got home safely and is keeping good time.

Many thanks for fitting in the service while we were away.

Best regards



Michael C.

Should have emailed before but I have been too busy pumping! We had a nice stay over at The Hydro and quite a long winded journey back home…dreadful traffic. My neighbour who is a good friend and also, (very usefully), a retired furniture removal firm owner helped me into our home with the pianola. He had the piano trolley and the knowhow and in no time at all it was in place with me trying it out. I must say I am thrilled with it, it really is superb and everyone who has seen and heard it has remarked on it.
Thanks again and it was a pleasure to meet you and your wife and to do business with you.


John – Pianola

Many thanks for your work on my Mother’s musical box. It gave us all great pleasure to hear it again.
Wishing you every success in your work.
With grateful thanks belatedly.



Thanks so much for your excellent work on our clocks. The Vienna Regulator sounds better then ever and, as soon as the new carpet is laid, I will get the longcase back into position in the hall.
I hope you had a good journey back.



Thanks so much for coming over to deal with our two clocks. The longcase is ticking steadily away again and it sounds good.
I’ll look forward to hearing from you when you can manage another trip to the Midlands with the Vienna Regulator.
In the meantime, a very happy Christmas to you and yours.



I received the music box today in good condition.
Of course I unwrapped it and started it to listen and I must say it sounds excellent, without any doubt one of the best boxes I heard.
Thank you very much for the good shipping, your help with choosing the right shipping company, your good communication and this splendid music box.
It was very nice doing business with you and thanks for the service.
By the way, do you also restore music boxes?


Martin V.

Your level of professionalism, and courtesy is surprisingly refreshing in this day and age. I haven’t seen anything like this kind of service here in the USA as of yet, and it’s out of the question in New York City.
Good luck with your future sales over the Internet, I hope it becomes a lucrative part of your business!



Roger and I were so impressed with the quality of the restoration of my Nicole Freres Musical Box. Please can you pass on our appreciation of the fine workmanship to your colleagues. There is no doubt that your advice to have the Musical Box restored was the best way forward and we were really delighted to see such a first class result.
We look forward to hearing from you again in due course.



I wanted to tell you that the music box got here and you have done a beautiful job on it – I’m absolutely thrilled, – I really am absolutely thrilled. It’s beautiful and the clasps are all brass and everything and it plays lovely. I’m so happy with it Thank you ever so much.

Also Willowbase were very very good and did a very good packing job just as you said they would.

I think that my friend when he sees what a good job you’ve done on this, he’s going to want his restored as well . I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve seen him because I think that he’s going to want to overhaul the other one as well – because it’s absolutely fabulous. Thanks ever so much again.


J. E – Italy

Thank you for completing the restoration work on my Polyphon.
My only regret is that my late Uncle gave me the Polyphon about 30 years ago and now it is too late for him to hear it playing once again.



This is to thank you……. and to convey our appreciation and satisfaction for the outcome. Perhaps we shall be in touch again soon!



Thank you very much for your recent visit to value some pieces of my furniture, and I take pleasure in enclosing my cheque in payment of your invoice.
You may remember I was puzzled by your findings regarding the sofa table. It had belonged to my mother as far back as I can remember and I had thought that it had been her mothers before that, whereas perhaps it had been bought by my parents and would therefore not have been so old.
In any case you have taught me to look inside drawers!
Once again thank you for your help.



I don’t know what you did to our Grandfather Clock but you seem to have cured it!!! It’s working beautifully now.



Many thanks for a splendid job on my Musical Box, – please pass my thanks to all involved.



I don’t know if you remember me, a few weeks ago we were in your shop and I purchased a suspension spring for my wall clock which I have fitted and is now working perfectly.
We were also very interested in an oak cased grandfather clock and came home with the measurements but unfortunately the only place we could accommodate it is in the dining room which has a beamed ceiling and is too low. We are disappointed about this as both my wife and I really fell in love with the clock. We had to sell one we had in Yorkshire before we moved to Cornwall for the same reason but did hope that the one you had was a bit smaller and would fit but it was not so. I think we must rule out having a grandfather clock here and be content with our Victorian wall clock.
I am sorry to have been so long writing to you but had mislaid your card and have only today come across it.
I thank you for all your help and when we are in the area again will certainly visit your lovely shop.



Thank you for sending the suspension springs. My wife and I, after a little bit of engineering which would have done justice to NASA space rockets, managed to fix a spring. The clock is now operating perfectly and sending out its dulcet chime every hour and ½ hour. Thanks to yourself and two mid seventies pensioners.
I remain yours gratefully