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The Clock and Music-box Centre


8 air Nicole Freres 6 bell musical box

6 and a half inch Poloyphon

24.5 inch Polyphon

How to change the cylinder on an interchangeable musical box

Polyphon Model 104

19 5/8" Polyphon playing a new disc.

Chappell upright piano

David Cowderoy playing on the lovely Chappell upright piano

Singing Bird Box

8 Air Swiss Music Box

Richard Hampson Chiming Longcase Clock

The chime and strike of Hampson of Warrington three-train longcase (Grandfather) clock

Steck Pianola

Richard demonstrating the Steck Pianola

Instructions for playing an 11inch Polyphon

Including unpacking

15.5"Double Comb Polyphon

8 air Harpe Tremolo musical box

Interchangeable cylinder musical box