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Antique clocks for the timeless appeal

February 19, 2015 << Back

When we think about decorative antiques what often comes to the mind  is sculptures and other such decorative elements. However, often simple utilitarian items can also add to a portfolio of decorative antiques. For instance a clock can make the perfect decorative, functional and useful item, that can be incorporated in an appealing manner into the traditional as well as the contemporary home. Amongst our fine antique clocks we have a collection  of varied, simple as well as ornate, decorative examples.
The wall clocks for instance can be easily used to add interest to a wall in a very decorative way. If it is possible to distinctively mount a clock in an unexpected way, it will hold a great deal of creative appeal. A cluster of small wall clocks can also make a very interesting and quirky display.
Apart from the wall clocks there are the longcase or grandfather clocks that have a grand and stately appeal. As they usually have long pendulums, beating or ticking one second at a time, they are in tune with our own heartbeats, which makes them feel very peaceful and soporific.
The ornate mantle clocks look beautiful placed on a mantel piece for a very traditional look. These also sit very well on a bookcase or antique display cabinet, tucked in amongst the books and your other display items. The antique clocks, ornate and simple alike, have a timeless appeal and can enhance any décor. While the larger clocks make a bold statement, the smaller ones also contribute in their own appealing way.